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A Tinkle Is Not A Winkle Without A Sprinkle of Chris Crinkle

Hey .. That's some nice Title Poetry, don't you think? Here's more:

If you sack a lack,
then back the jack,
hack the knack,
track the pack,
tack it whack,
rack it back,
and you may then
Stack the Crack Yack.

You may only stack the Crack Yack after you have followed those minute, yet crucial, steps. Do NOT tack the back with a knack pack or with a lack pack. Do NOT attack the the sack a lack with a whack back or you will pack the track wtih lack. However, you CAN back a rack with a whack knack pack on a sack jack. It is only possible for this if the Stack of the Crack Yack is in the back of the jack with a lack of rack track.*

For the essence of believe to ensue, one may caress nature with the spiritual enlightenment of the mind.

Okay, I'm done. Any thoughts on this randomness?

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I feel like I'm in a Dr. Suess book.
Well wake up, sleepy eyes. You ARE in a Dr. Suess book. You're on page 5 after Pop beats his kids for hopping on him.. ..with a small furry animal.

One fish two fish red fish blue fish.
One tack two tack five crack quarter whack.

You should be a poet! *Claps for the randomness*

Oh, and HELL YES for that song you're listening to. :D