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corn_dawg's Journal

Corn Dawg
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Welcome to corn_dawg, a community about..... *bizz bang bow kablam woo wizzle cheese* ... RANDOMNESS!!!

Don't let the name throw you off, this is not a community where we discuss microwavable hot dogs covered in bread on a stick.

It's simply a community where you can talk about anything, or anyone, at any given time.

You don't have to post often, but when you do we can guarantee an overflow of comments, so be ready for them!

This community welcomes all ex-convicts, felons, those who have randomly found their way here, and people that were forced to join!

Meet Gucio, our community maintainer.

He's in charge of the confused/scared people who have stumbled upon our community, all of our members, and Jerry, who can be a bit hyperactive at times.

If you're nice to him, and give him food, he'll respect you. If not, then you better be wearing Air Nikes, because Gucio runs fast.

Here's a hint: If you want to win over Gucio, your best best is to give him Jenneh's 100% made from scratch Egg McMuffinehs!! Ask xxdiavolina for the recipeh!

Meet Jerry, our community mascot. He owns you. Literally.

Talk of corn dogs is strictly prohibited, and will result in one wack from Jerry's whip.

Let's have a big corn_dawg welcome for our Member of the Moment ©, zacdawg & anotherseajay! He has shown real corn_dawg pride by listing us as one of his interests.

Wanna be a 'Member of the Moment ©' also? Just add 'corn_dawg' as one of your interests, and besides getting an all expensed paid trip to Qatar, you'll also be able to spend 21 hours with Jerry!

Ah yes, before I forget, if you mention how much you love the bio in your post(s) and/or comment(s) at corn_dawg, you'll receive a free framed photograph of Jerry in 6 to 8 weeks!

So if you're in any way interested, by all means join corn_dawg today! Chances are, you will regret it. :D

Thank you, come again!


You all should bow to xxdiavolina for supplying the code, and for keeping Jerry locked up :D, icedguardian for doing the icon *no that wasn't kinky*, irishkitten441 for making the bio that you're reading right now *applause later*, _zwitter_ for never knowing what to be credited for :P, and to beautiful_sins for laughing like she is suffocating *'Are you all right?'*.

>> If you want to be in our credits section, just comment and I'll put you in here. (Make checks payable to 'Corn_Dawg'. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) <<
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